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Different generations interact with technology in different ways.  Most adults, no matter how tech savvy, still remember a time before the high tech revolution.  For many of us, technology is something we react and try to adapt to.  For today’s students, dubbed the iGeneration, technology is something they have been immersed in their entire lives.  They never stop to … Continue reading


Santa Claus and Success Criteria

I’m sure you’ll agree that learning goals and success criteria are important tools to help students succeed.  I found the following assignment from Florida to be a misguided application of this principle.  Maybe innocent, childish things should be left alone and not be beaten with a high yield instructional tool!  Anyway, have a look.  It is both … Continue reading



So, you finally have your head wrapped around assessment “for” “as” and “of” learning.  What about “chalk and talk”, “gallery walk” and “story seeds”?  Although this is an American publication, much of the lingo is transferable.  It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to bog things down with the latest jargon.  We always strive to make things clear for our students, … Continue reading